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I'm Joana and welcome you on TheBlondeLion. The mix of my roar-ing zodiac sign  with my hair colour (Blondie since 25 years), became around 10 years ago the name of my blog after nights of thinking.

In september 2014 I've started my studies in multilingual Economics in the beautiful city of Stuttgart. Even though many people couldn't understand the reason why I decided to leave my hometown Constance situated in a beautiful natur landscape at the Lake of Constance, I was excited to discover something new. Meanwhile Stuttgart is my new homebase.

My biggest passion is to travel and my life goal is to explore all the most beautiful places on earth. As soon as the suitcases are packed and I'm heading again towards an airport, I'm taking you in my travel diaries with me on tour. And maybe you're getting inspired and can't wait to plan your own stay there. New York City has caught my heart since I've been there the first time. But I have also lost my heart many years ago in the mountains and love to share my passion for hiking and the alps here on TheBlondeLion with you.

Blogging is the creative compensation in my life and a possibility to share and inspire you with my looks, travels, recipes,... I'm always excited to get to know other travel addicted people.

To keep in touch, you can follow me at different social media that can be seen at left. I'm happy about seeing you here and all the kind words in comments and mails of you! You're all the main reason, why TheBlondeLion became my passion and is as full of life as it is! Thank you so much for reading! ♥

If you have any questions, desires, requests,... I'll be happy to receive your words at:

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